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College Select to ease college admission access for high school

students and administrators

Greenville, SC: College Select has announced today a partnership with Parchment, the most widely adopted academic credential management system globally. The new partnership is expected to be the driving force in the college planning and education industry.

The partnership leverages the two leading companies’ respective strengths across four main areas:


College Select will implement Parchment’s “OrderLink” workflow into its centralized “Student Management Portal” where guidance counselors, college administrators, students and families can communicate, plan and transition students into college with ease.


The “OrderLink” workflow leverages Parchment Send service. High schools who adopt the Parchment Send service can monitor and manage a students' credential order progress in real time, improving operational efficiency. Through the “OrderLink”, College Select’s students will have 24/7 access to their free Parchment account to request, track, store and display their academic credentials.


For students and families, adding the “OrderLink” to College Select’s “College Planning Dashboard” completes all the necessary features required for college planning and placement, providing an efficient structure for their college preparation while relieving guidance counselors of this strenuous activity.


With multiple levels of security and encryption already in place within College Select, Parchment’s “OrderLink” workflow relies upon an SSO connection to securely authenticate learners from College Select's infrastructure allowing for all official documents to be sent and received by colleges, universities, trade and technical schools securely.

“For more than 13 years, learners around the world have relied on Parchment for the digital exchange of their academic credentials as they advance in their education and their careers,” said Christopher W. Sheppard, Parchment’s Vice President of Business Development. “We are pleased to welcome College Select as an Affiliate Partner, bringing the trusted security of Parchment’s digital credential management service to more learners as they continue their life-long journey in learning.”

Dominick Ferraro, Founder and CEO of College Select, said, “College Select has been identified as the new standard solution for high school students, parents and school administrators when it comes to planning and saving for college. The relationship with Parchment represents a significant opportunity for us to expand our presence within high school districts across the country. Parchment has clearly demonstrated its ability to be the leader in the market when securely sending and storing sensitive documents such as transcripts and other credentials. We are excited to partner with Parchment as we focus our combined energy on serving the high school market exceptionally well.”

About College Select:
College Select's proven methodology to plan and save for college has never been easier. They automated the planning and placement process through the deployment of their College Match Technology. This simple yet powerful platform puts students and families in control by providing high school organizations and guidance counselors with the ability to communicate in seconds with college administrators from virtually anywhere saving time and money.

About Parchment:
Parchment is the most widely-adopted academic credential management system available, allowing learners, academic institutions, and employers to request, verify, and share credentials in simple and secure ways. The platform has helped millions of people and thousands of schools and universities exchange more than 20 million transcripts and other credentials globally. Founded in 2003, Parchment Inc. is headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, with offices in Roseville, CA, Denver, CO, Grand Rapids, MI, Toronto, ON and Washington, DC. Follow Parchment on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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